New Year holiday

I want to share a special moment for me with you: my first time on snowboard!! I was so excited (you can see my dumb look in the photos below). I got a trainer to take care of me, but still I fall a lot, but luckily I didn’t break any bone. I hope that in the mountains the weather will keep calm and wait for me to come back for snowboarding:D



Glow sweater, Zara skirt & wedges, Casio watch

After -20 degrees, +0 degrees feel like heaven! Also, it’s good news because I’m currently in Tulcea and I really need to get to Bucharest tomorrow for my last exam. So, keep your fingers crossed for me because I need a “nice” weather for tomorrow and a lot of luck not to remain buried in snow in the middle of nowhere.

In the last photo, my face look like is painted with chalk)) It’s just the snow and the bad light.