white jumpsuit

Jumpsuit – one chic piece



Jumpsuits are so easy to pair & style. One stylish jumpsuit cand save the time you spend in front of the wardrobe trying to choose something to wear.

Can be wear with pumps, sneakers, sandals and so on. I made a top of my favourite jumpsuits:
asos burgundy


Burgundy jumpsuit from asos.com



asos pink jumpsuit

Cami jumpsuit from asos.com

zara embroided jumpsuit

Embroideded jumpsuit from Zara.com

zara polka dots jumpsuit

Polka dots playsuir from Zara.com

zara sequin jumpsuit

This is one of my fav Sequin jumpsuit, also from Zara.com


White jumpsuit from my shop www.theitem.co


Black maxi jumpsuit- perfect for day and night, also from my shop