Wishlist for spring

I can’t wait the spring to come. It’s my favourite season! So, I selected the IT items I want for the upcoming spring (please, come faster!!): some realistic future acquisitions, some NOT :))

1. Bracelet clutch from Zara           2. Asos Kitten sunglasses       3. Isabel Marant sneakers (keep dreaming)   4. Zara coat

5. Grey dress from Topshop   6.  Mini leather tote bag

What’s on your wishlist for spring?

Have a lovely day!

Neon colours

Zara dress and shoes, Asos clutch, H&M necklace

Long time, no see. Lately, I’ve been busy working on my degree, studying for the upcoming exams and I’m not going to lie and very, very lazy. It’s not yet summer in the calendar but the weather says its word. I’ve cleaned up my wardrobe and I took out all the spring/summer items. I need a serious upgrade to my wardrobe with summer stuff; *work in progress*

The bike you can see in the photos, belongs to Mihaela Nedelcu. She was so kind and lend me her bike for my photo shoot. We met in Herastrau Park, where she was shooting for the upcoming event on 26 may, SKIRT BIKE. Check their facebook page for more information. Skirt bike is a chic event you must go!

Credit photo: Liviu Costache