I still shoot film – Milan

I still shoot film and I love it! One of the reasons I love film camera and the 35mm photos is that I only get 36 chances to capture the moments. I only get 36 chances to make memories. I get way too few chances to photograph all the people, places and moments I see. And the second best reason is that I don’t get to see the photos I made right away. I have plenty of time, between the moment I push the button and the moment I get them developed and scanned, to forget what I captured on film.

Photos taken in Milan, Italy during a city break with my friends.







Milan caffeteria

 Taking pictures of people drinking coffee in the morning should be a full time job :)



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I travelled to Barcelona with my sister for a city break from 28th  September  to 2nd October. We really love this city, it’s like an outdoors museum. We loved the city architecture, not just Gaudi’s buildings.

We enjoy a city by walking through it and discovering all the hidden streets. Of course, we visited the main touristic points, but discovering the city in its hidden streets is a delight. The first three days we walked like 20 km a day. In the last day we rented bikes and ride to Barceloneta and the not so touristic zones.
We got to see the protests for Catalonia independency and also the referendum took place on 1st of October.
It’s a city full of energy and it’s worth visiting it!





barca 9

barca 8

barca 7

barca 6

barca 5