street style

Rock’n Chic outfit

I love a good rock & chic combo. The dress I designed for my shop is a simple but yet, I like it so much for the twist.

Recent, I took my online shop to a next level. I entered a new category: jewelry, more exactly necklaces.

I thought it would be a great match for my simple dresses. I selected the prettiest statement necklaces.

I hope to hear from you. Tell me: what’s your favourite necklace?

Have a wonderful day!


Through my lens

Through my lens is a new category on my blog. It’s for my street style snaps. It’s a new part of my blog that I want to inaugurate today. I hope you’ll like. ’till the next street style catch, I’m waiting for your opinions on this one.Not to forget, do you have some tips for me about the places where I could find stylish people?

P.S. The girl from the pic, is the fabulous owner of a handmade jewelry brand that I told you about some post ago,   Coup de Foudre. Check her site out. You won’t be sorry!

The new street style muse!

Uliana Sergienko is the new street style muse. Russian talented photographer ( google her and you’ll see her work), she’s a natural beauty and has great tastes in fashion matters. Her style seems effortless; when I look at her pictures I imagine that she woke up in the morning, and dressed up without too much struggle. I think she’s just amazing! I don’t know but I feel the need to compare her with Anna Dello Russo. She’s much better than the AdR. I don’t know way, exactly. Maybe because AdR struggles too much to become a fashion icon.

Whose style do like most? Uliana Sergienko or Anna Dello Russo?

Photo credits: EasyFashion L’effort Moderne