Rock’n Chic outfit

I love a good rock & chic combo. The dress I designed for my shop is a simple but yet, I like it so much for the twist.

Recent, I took my online shop to a next level. I entered a new category: jewelry, more exactly necklaces.

I thought it would be a great match for my simple dresses. I selected the prettiest statement necklaces.

I hope to hear from you. Tell me: what’s your favourite necklace?

Have a wonderful day!


Long time, no see

Zara dress and boots, leather jacket, H&M necklace

Long time, no see should be my blog slogan. I am trying so hard to keep my promise that I’ll post more often, but I’m the biggest procrastinator ever:)

So, every time I post outfit photos I should say: Long time, no see because these post are like once per week.

One of my resolutions for next year is to be more consequent (and to post more often).

Halloween partyyy

This is another special post. These photos are from the Halloween party I was with my friends. I’m sorry for the bad quality but I thought that it would be funnier to show pictures from actual time that I wore my special outfit. In case you can’t seem to figure out what I was, let me explain: Cinderella. I put my shoes on top of my head to help Prince Charming; to make his job easier to find me:))
How was your night? Did you have fun celebrating Halloween? What did you wear?

In a relationship with my shoes

“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.”
Marilyn Monroe

One friend of mine update her status on Facebook, writing: “In a relationship with my shoes..” and remembered me about Sex and the city. The line is from the episode when Carrie goes to a baby shower and she has to take off her shoes. When the party ends, she realizes that her 400$ Manolo Blahnik are missing. The host of the baby shower doesn’t seem to care that Carrie lost her shoes. Worse, she offers to pay only 100$ for her lost. Bla bla, you know the rest: Carrie send her friend (the host) an invitation to her wedding with herself. And the gift could be chosen only from the Manolo Blahnik store.
I saw Sex and the city series twice and I think this is the cause for my love for heels. I think the image of Carrie wearing fabulous shoes with a dress grabbed in hurry from the thrifted store, made me love heels more than ever.
I would wear heels all day long, but I can’t for many reasons. This green pair is one of my fav, for now. Next month, probably it will be overthrow by new shoes.
Which item is your favourite? Maybe you have an addiction to bags or jewllery?