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Rock’n Chic outfit

I love a good rock & chic combo. The dress I designed for my shop is a simple but yet, I like it so much for the twist.

Recent, I took my online shop to a next level. I entered a new category: jewelry, more exactly necklaces.

I thought it would be a great match for my simple dresses. I selected the prettiest statement necklaces.

I hope to hear from you. Tell me: what’s your favourite necklace?

Have a wonderful day!


The Dress Up

I discovered the secret for an evening/occasion outfit and I’m so altruistic and I’m going to tell you this secret!:)

You know the chaos and all the time spent in stores when you are looking for an evening gown and all the accessories. What if I tell you that you can find all these in just one place, with little time spent and very good prices?

Yes, yes it’s really true. The Dress Up is one fabulous place where you can rent an occasion outfit. Moreover, you have plenty of options (about 150 dresses) and the fab owner, Ana, is helping you out with styling tips, too. As you can see in the photos, has the perfect accessories, too: clutches, statement necklaces, belts and even earrings!!

So, it’s just as simple as this! So, no more running from store to store, no more wasted time, no more nerve racking! And, seriously, how many times you bought an evening gown and wore it more than twice? It’s no investment, when you can rent one form The Dress Up.

Girls, check it out and tell me your opinion about it.

In the photos below, you can see me all dressed up in some of the items you can find at The Dress Up. The great thing about it, is the various style you can find, the superior quality fabrics.


La Rosa- coliere statement

Astazi, vreau sa va vorbesc despre colierele statement. Colierul statement este, de cateva sezoane, piesa cheie în crearea unui look spectaculos. Aceste coliere sunt, de obicei, creatii pretioase, masive, ce îmbina cu maiestrie materiale textile  cu pietre, margele, paiete sau cristale. Colierele La Rosa nu uimesc atât prin dimensiunile lor generoase, cât mai ales prin puterea lor de sugestie.

Prima mea alegere este PEARL01- colier din aur alb si perle. Cu toate ca nu este masiv, potrivit trendului – coliere statement- este o piesa care scoate orice tinuta din anonimat.


Cea de-a doua optiune este un colier tot din aur alb si cu cristal verde. Acest colier  poate deveni o amprenta puternica si un element asumat si bine integrat chiar si într-un look mai casual.

Va las sa va uitati pe shopul online La Rosa, mai exact la categoria coliere si sa-mi spuneti care vi se pare cea mai “declaratia?” piesa.

Sweet Fest – cuteness overload

{Drums sound}…Today I was at Sweet Fest at Hanul lui Manuc. I will let the photos do the talking…

Cupcakes & sweets – cuteness overload alert!!

P.S. It doesn’t matter what I wore after you’ll see the photos, you’ll go straight to Sweet Fest. Probably, you’ve seen my clothes before, so …