Fandacsia+nude dress

I received a really lovely gift from my friends for my birthday (yesterday). It’s a red Fandacsia hat – a piece of art. Today, I went out especially to do a shooting for this lovely hat and for The ITem nude dress. I think they match perfectly. Moreover, the dress is easy to style with heels, hats like this one, pumps, leather jacket, coats, blazer and I could go on with the list.

I was so excited about the gift (thank you girls<3) that I couldn’t rezist ┬áto take photos until an event I could really wear it:)

“When in doubt, wear nude.”

The ITem dress, Fandacsia hat, Zara shoes&necklace


Eye candy

Furla bag, sh shirt, Topshop skirt, Zara shoes
This delicious candy bag is a gift from my beloved sister:) I waited three weeks to actually have it in my hands. This waiting worth a lot because I’m so excited to wear it.
This is just the first outfit; and yes, there will be more to come because I’m planning to wear it a lot! Don’t you have an item that you’ll be able to wear it on and on? If you have, tell me which is :)