La fontaine

                        Zara jeans&shoes, PEPLUM BLOUSE made by me (you’ll see it soon in the SHOP section), ASOS clutch

 I decided to take photos for my outfit at the “Avramide memorial house” (in Tulcea). For a long period of time, this was the “Danube Delta” Museum. After the museum was moved in a bigger building, this house was restored and now it looks amazing!

I thought that would be a great opportunity to show you some nice places from my hometown. The house was built in 1890 by the Greek aristocrat, Alexandru Avramide. It’s one of the oldest and beautiful buildings in Tulcea that remained after World War II and after the demolition period in the communism.

I made a new item for my shop section: – the black peplum blouse. I’ll soon post it in the section with all the details. Can’t wait to show you all the other colours I made the peplum top.

Another great news is that I’ll see you at the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS FAIR – September edition on 15th, more exactly. I’ll bring all the goodies that you can see in my shop and some other surprises that I haven’t posted yet. So stay tuned and join the event on facebook:

Absolutely Fabulous Fair 15-16th september at Lucky no.13 (Gradina Icoanei)

       I’ll make a special post about Ab Fab with all the details and the print, very soon.

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Current obsession: peplum trend

As you can observe from my last posts, I’m kind of into the peplum trend. No, I’m kind of obsessed with it:D

I put together some items I found and styled two outfits with peplum top and skirt.

Here are the items from:

1. Topshop top | 2. Zara necklace | 3. Zara clutch | 4. Topshop top | 5. My SHOP |

6. Louboutin Pigalle | 7. Celine bag | 8. Zara heels | 9.