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Rock’n Chic outfit

I love a good rock & chic combo. The dress I designed for my shop is a simple but yet, I like it so much for the twist.

Recent, I took my online shop to a next level. I entered a new category: jewelry, more exactly necklaces.

I thought it would be a great match for my simple dresses. I selected the prettiest statement necklaces.

I hope to hear from you. Tell me: what’s your favourite necklace?

Have a wonderful day!


Absolutely Fabulous Fair – 7th April

Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair revine cu o noua editie de

“You and I are more than friends. We are like a small gang, Absolutely
Fabulous small gang.”

Duminica, 7 aprilie, intre orele 11:00 – 19:00, la Hotel Ambasador, Bd.
Magheru, no. 8-10, esti asteptata de Diana Enciu si Alina Tanasa la o
sedinta de shopping absolut fabuloasa.
Gazduit de aceasta data intr-o locatie neconventionala, perfecta pentru o
zi de primavara, Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair te asteapta cu
peste 50 de expozanti, colectii de primavara si vara semnate de tineri
designeri si tinere talente proaspat descoperite, cu piese vintage autentice
si accesorii ultra glam.
Nu uita sa vii impreuna cu prietena ta de suflet sau chiar cu toate
prietenele tale, pentru ca aceasta editie este dedicata prieteniei si
jumatatii tale cu care impartasesti aceeasi pasiune – SHOPPINGUL.
Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair – SOULMATE FRIENDS edition,
este evenimentul de la care nu trebuie sa lipsesti. Si in plus, nimeni nu va
pleca de la AB Fab Fair fara un minunat cadou Avon Cosmetics.


Nu uitati, The ITem va asteapta la AB FAB Fair !!

New online shop

Tadaaaa *Drums, please* !! I finally managed to launch my one very online shop with clothes. This is why I didn’t post lately; yes, yes this is my excuse:D

Click on “Read the rest of this entry” to see the story behind the The ITem brand and some photos from the look book.


Facebook page: theITem

Instagram: theitem_co

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News. Good news. Starting today, you can shop the two new dresses, you can see in the photos below.

The first one- that I’m wearing is made of lace, the colour is IVORY but, it will be available on BLACK, too. It’s the baby doll type I simply adore.

The second one is made of stockinet and you can shop it on many other colours than nude (the colour you see on Anda): BLACK, RED, EMERALD GREEN, CHERRY -COLOURED.

The length of both dresses is variable ( if you prefer longer, you just have to ask for :D)

Click, click, click on the SHOP section for more details.


New project

Yesterday teaser was about my new project. I developed a new page on my blog (the one you see on the right corner, near the Press and Contact sections: SHOP. As you can see in the photos, I’m selling some dresses. In fact, it’s just a dress and it’s in three colours. I choose neon green, orange and white. I think these colours are especially made for summer days. I know I should be tan for these kinds of colours, but the weather wasn’t permissive and studying for exams kept my locked inside the house and Public Library.

About this project: this is not a clothing collection, I’m not trying to become a designer or something else. As you can see, this dress model is quite simple. I made it because of my need of simplicity and fickleness. I wanted a dress that can be easily worn day by day and can also be worn with heels by night. So my project is about sharing my need of simplicity with you.

I will update the SHOP section, soon. There are more surprises to come in the SHOP section. Stay tuned and check out the blog to see.

Have a wonderful Sunday!