dusty pink

My fav ITem: Dusty Pink Vest

My new design for my online shop: DUSTY Pink Vest. It’s asymmetrical and it’s made of cotton.

When I design the new collection for my shop www.theitem.co, I don’t follow the trends from the fashion shows in Paris, Milan, NY, etc.

When I start to sketch new ITems, I only imagine what I would wear and I don’t find in the regular stores. It’s pretty risky to think like this but I’m kind of bored to see in all the stores the same pieces, colours and patterns. 

New favourite

Zara dress, shirt and bag, La Redoute flats, my sister’s Chanel sunglasses
How to start a great weekend but with an outfit post? Lately, I’ve been busy (busy is the new lazy) and kind of forgot about the existence of my blog. After almost three weeks without a post, I decided that it was the time to brag about my new dress. This item is a gift from my lovely friends for my birthday (which was in February :) ) and it became my favourite.