Chanel SS2011 PRET-A-PORTER part 1

It’s a gorgeous collection, in a beautiful decor and music. Just can’t tell how much I enjoy watching this video. Unfortunately, is just the part 1 because it’s quite long and the whole video would exceed the limit for upload.

One thing I can’t understand: why I see jeans on the catwalk? It’s the only thing that doesn’t match with the rest. I don’t realize why Karl Lagerfeld would use jeans in a Chanel collection, even is pret-a-porter. Otherwise, the whole Chanel show was chic and lovely!

P.S. Stay tunned! Will be continued

2 thoughts on “Chanel SS2011 PRET-A-PORTER part 1

  1. Aimee says:

    Great video! Beautiful collection!

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