Through my lens: Traditional costumes

These are photos that I took during the Festival “Pestisorul de Aur” (The golden fish). This event took place in my hometown, Tulcea. I wasn’t very prepared for this event so I took some photos with the phone. Sorry for the bad quality but I wanted to show you how beautiful are these national costumes. The costumes are from different areas in Romania and from countries like: Armenia, Serbia and Ukraine. The festival is, in fact, a competition for national customs and traditional dances. I hope you like the costumes. I find them very inspiring. Now, I’m very keen to wear my embroidered peasant blouse ( traditional one). Maybe in a next post.

Some of my favourite things

I took some photos of my favourite things with an Iphone application, Instagram. It’s really addictive. It so easy to edit your photos and upload them on twitter or on facebook.
So back to my things: I have the ballerina dress for two years and I wore it only one time. It’s very strange, because it’s my favourite dress! The necklace and the bag are some vintage goodies.
I try posting more often. I hope I’ll keep my promise:)

Special offer for bloggers

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The new street style muse!

Uliana Sergienko is the new street style muse. Russian talented photographer ( google her and you’ll see her work), she’s a natural beauty and has great tastes in fashion matters. Her style seems effortless; when I look at her pictures I imagine that she woke up in the morning, and dressed up without too much struggle. I think she’s just amazing! I don’t know but I feel the need to compare her with Anna Dello Russo. She’s much better than the AdR. I don’t know way, exactly. Maybe because AdR struggles too much to become a fashion icon.

Whose style do like most? Uliana Sergienko or Anna Dello Russo?

Photo credits: EasyFashion L’effort Moderne

Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Or better, at Bucharest!

I discovered Mic dejun de Bucuresti a week or two ago. Thanks to this wonderful blog I’ve started eating again in the morning. I used to have just a coffee or a tea. Now, because of the lovely photos, I’m eating breakfast every day. Yesterday, I had pancakes. I know that are not the healthiest thing to eat but, at least, I’m not leaving home with the empty stomach.

Photo source: www.micdejundebucuresti.blogspot.com