current obsession

My new love: bomber jacket

I’m into bomber jackets lately. Dunno why but I’m pretty obsessed.

My first choice is this awesomeeeee golden jacket. Seriously, I would wear it day and night. I wouldn’t care where: club, market or just for a walk in a park.

The floral printed bomber jacket is also a good idea

This beauty bomber jacket from Nasty Gal’s spring collection is also AWESOME. I love the blue& white and powder pink match.

Black sleeves & flower print = clasic and classy. This one is from Asos

Which you like most?

Jumpsuit – one chic piece



Jumpsuits are so easy to pair & style. One stylish jumpsuit cand save the time you spend in front of the wardrobe trying to choose something to wear.

Can be wear with pumps, sneakers, sandals and so on. I made a top of my favourite jumpsuits:
asos burgundy


Burgundy jumpsuit from



asos pink jumpsuit

Cami jumpsuit from

zara embroided jumpsuit

Embroideded jumpsuit from

zara polka dots jumpsuit

Polka dots playsuir from

zara sequin jumpsuit

This is one of my fav Sequin jumpsuit, also from


White jumpsuit from my shop


Black maxi jumpsuit- perfect for day and night, also from my shop

Wishlist for spring

I can’t wait the spring to come. It’s my favourite season! So, I selected the IT items I want for the upcoming spring (please, come faster!!): some realistic future acquisitions, some NOT :))

1. Bracelet clutch from Zara           2. Asos Kitten sunglasses       3. Isabel Marant sneakers (keep dreaming)   4. Zara coat

5. Grey dress from Topshop   6.  Mini leather tote bag

What’s on your wishlist for spring?

Have a lovely day!

New Year holiday

I want to share a special moment for me with you: my first time on snowboard!! I was so excited (you can see my dumb look in the photos below). I got a trainer to take care of me, but still I fall a lot, but luckily I didn’t break any bone. I hope that in the mountains the weather will keep calm and wait for me to come back for snowboarding:D


Current obsession: peplum trend

As you can observe from my last posts, I’m kind of into the peplum trend. No, I’m kind of obsessed with it:D

I put together some items I found and styled two outfits with peplum top and skirt.

Here are the items from:

1. Topshop top | 2. Zara necklace | 3. Zara clutch | 4. Topshop top | 5. My SHOP |

6. Louboutin Pigalle | 7. Celine bag | 8. Zara heels | 9.