Pe urmele #biciclistdeBucuresti

Continui proiectul #biciclistdeBucuresti cu scopul de a incuraja cati mai multi oameni sa se deplaseze cu bicicleta in

Mother and son

How cool are these two: mother on bike and son by kick scooter <3

Moroccan summer dress

I just love my new summer dress from Many printed dresses to come! 


I’m home. Tulcea I call home. These are photos I took in the backyard with wow-smelling-roses and my nephew, Cristi. He  has 1 year and 3 months. I took the photos with my Canon 100d and 50mm lens 1:1.8

Simplicity at its best

My new collection Simplicity is on my shop: The vests are the main items of my collection.

The summer IT dress

This is the dress that I will be wearing over and over again this summer. Kiddin’..I’m not going

The contrast Bucharest

Bucharest is a city of contrasts. This building is localized on Coltei street in the heart of my

Muzeul Satului

Am fost ieri, sambata, la Muzeul Satului dupa ce am facut jumatate de Bucuresti pe bicicleta. Am pozat

My fav ITem: Dusty Pink Vest

My new design for my online shop: DUSTY Pink Vest. It’s asymmetrical and it’s made of cotton. When

Fringe jacket

Visual diary from my Easter vacation in my hometown, Tulcea. Starring me, Raluca, Adela & Simona Simone the photographer: Simona Naciadis Visual Arts

Belle Boutique Bucuresti

Belle Boutique se afla pe strada Mihai Eminescu, nr. 40, aproape de ASE.