The summer IT dress

This is the dress that I will be wearing over and over again this summer. Kiddin’..I’m not going

The contrast Bucharest

Bucharest is a city of contrasts. This building is localized on Coltei street in the heart of my capital. Old interbelic building is now ruined by the time and through an oversight of the owners or lodgers. And those linen synthesize the discrepancy.

Smart Leather Jacket

Smart leather Jacket: my newwww ITem, my latest design, my favourite. Check my shop for more details:

My fav sweatshirt

Here is my fav sweatshirt from It’s digital printed with romanian traditional motif “frunza de zmeurica”. The blouse is made of 100% organic cotton. How do you like it?

Piesa mea preferata: Salopeta

  Astazi vorbim despre piesa mea: salopeta. De ce salopetele ocupa locul I in topul preferintelor mele vestimentare?

Little black dress

I’m working on a new collection for  my shop and this is a wrap ! The little

Tartan oversized cardigan

Oversized cardigan | tartan print from