Muzeul Satului

Am fost ieri, sambata, la Muzeul Satului dupa ce am facut jumatate de Bucuresti pe bicicleta. Am pozat

Smart Leather Jacket

Smart leather Jacket: my newwww ITem, my latest design, my favourite. Check my shop for more details:

Fringe jacket

Visual diary from my Easter vacation in my hometown, Tulcea. Starring me, Raluca, Adela & Simona Simone the photographer: Simona Naciadis Visual Arts

Piesa mea preferata: Salopeta

  Astazi vorbim despre piesa mea: salopeta. De ce salopetele ocupa locul I in topul preferintelor mele vestimentare?

Little black dress

I’m working on a new collection for  my shop and this is a wrap ! The little black dress I’m wearing in the pics is from my #fresh new upcoming collection. It’s made of organic cotton.

Digital Ia

I’m working on a collection for with digital printed traditional motifs. Can wait to show you the

Tartan oversized cardigan

Oversized cardigan | tartan print from   

Leather jacket – my choices

Timeless piece, versatile, can be worn with jeans & t shirt, lace dresses, shorts, skirts, jumpsuits, night gown